Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rapunzel's Castle

Yahoooooooo! It’s Tuesday which means we’re off and runnin’ to da Muddermark’s tea party at Teapot Tuesday. This week a dragon called Derek is flyin’ us on his wings to Rapunzel’s castle.

You can git the full story from da Muddermark here in the Teapot Tuesday forum so ya can foller along with the story.

Long story short: bring some juicy gossip to Rapunzel’s new hair cuttin’ parler called Classy Castle Cuts to help spur on her new bizness. Even her hunk-a-burnin’ love, Prince Rahier, is gittin’ in on the goin’s on to hep out.

The juicy gossip I’m bringin’ to this shindig is the fact that Gertie (aka da Muddermark) is quite a klutz. Even though Rapunzel is her good friend, word on the street is that Gertie is sick and tired of Rapunzel’s hair draggin’ all over the place makin’ her always trip and fall. I tends to think Gertie is jes jealous of Rapunzel’s long, golden, plaited hair. I got’s it on good account that Gertie is hidin’ a pair of shears in her jacket with full intent of cutting Rapunzel’s hair. Well, if she does that, poor Raphier ain’t gots no way to climb up Rapunzel’s castle wall. Therefore, I, Bertie, hatin’ to see lovers thwarted in their attempts to be together, grew this purty foliage along Rapunzel’s castle wall so that Raphier kin make his way to her should Gertie be successful in her hair cuttin’ attempt.

Oh, and another tidbit of gossip, I heard that jaydekay has been scrapin’ the pond scum from the moat will full intent of addin’ the scum to today’s tea, claimin’ it has powerful anti-oxidants fer makin’ us all healthy….sumpin’ called steamy tea-grog…..right. I, Bertie, ain’t no fool. Iffin’ she tries to git me to drink that stuff, I’m flingin’ it.

I shore hope ya'll consider comin' along to the tea party today!

Iffin' yer wantin' the details on how I made this hare card:

1. stamped foliage in versamark onto glossy cardstock
2. heat embossed with clear embossing powder
3. sponged inks
4. stamped words
5. stamped another foliage onto whisper white with certainly celery, old olive, barely banana; fussy cut and popped up on dimensionals
6. used brick wall technique from last week's technique challenge. Not sure I did it right, but had fun tryin'!!!

Iffin' yer feelin' so inclined as to wantin' to purchase this Fall Trilogy stamp set, you kin find it at Rubbernecker Stamps!


Cook22 said...

Wonderful symphony in green.

chercroppin said...

WOWZA Charlene! It's stunning!

StampOwl said...

wow this is amazing Charlene!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Wow, this is really striking, Charlene! Such attention to detail. I love that brick effect and how you added that dimensional stem in the front.

redwasher1 said...

This is Gorgeous!!!!!!

Joanne (jojot) said...

now, gf....you know I love ferns and I gotta say...this is fern perfection....you mastered that brick wall technique for sure and I am just loving these greens....and that bow...well...it is the PERFECT finishing touch...wowza.....Rapunzel will be soooooo proud

Francie G. said...

Bright and beautiful! Love this beauty, Charlene! Such rich colors and such yummy ribbon! Outstanding!

Traci M said...

This is outstanding, Charlene, and very fitting to go with the story...love all the green and the brick wall!

Mothermark said...

Bertie! You get yer butt over to my Castle Card and leave me a comment on it or I ain't never gonna be yer friend again!

And I ain't whistlin' dixie either! Even if you can make an awesome card like this one!

Julia Aston said...

I just love the greens on this Charlene! that cut out and stamped vine look wonderful as well as that luscious ribbon!!!

Silke Ledlow said...

WOWZER GF - this is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I love the look of your card and the colors are so striking!!! Hugs ~S~

Pat (mspfd) said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Charlene said...

My gosh...this is breathtaking!