Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Very First Post!

I cannot believe I am doing this. I did not think I would EVER get into the world of blogging. A few friends have been encouraging me for some time to set up my own blog, but I have resisted, claiming I don't have the time to maintain a blog. In actuality, I think I've been more worried about not knowing what I was doing and having nothing to offer readers of my blog. A very wise friend recently told me that I need to quit sweating the small stuff and get on with it!" LOL!

So, with that said, I set out to learn what I could about setting up a blog. I couldn't find any banners that seemed to suit me, so I took a picture of this awesome m&m ceramic container that my friend, Cindy (Mothermark), gifted me and the darling m&m beannie baby sent to me by my other friend, Judy (StampingQueenJAR) and then just sprinkled a few of my beloved chocolates to finish the scene! Thanks, Cindy and Judy! By the way, I owe a very special thanks to Cindy for helping me to decide on a theme for my blog. She knows what an m&m lovin' nut I am, and she suggested the theme and title for my blog. Thanks, buddy! You rock!

I did not discover that small creative side of myself until 2003 when a friend invited me to her Stampin' Up party. I know. I know. We've heard the same story from so many others. But, truly, I had no idea what Stampin' Up was. I thought I was going to a postage stamp collectors club thingy, which would have totally bored me, but I was willing to go to support my friend. Little did I know that I would latch onto something with such fierce interest and passion. My goodness! I was like a little sponge wanting to soak up every droplet I could! Several years later and a much smaller balance in the savings account, I still feel as passionate about cardmaking as that very first time my eyes lit up with delight from viewing the various colors of cardstock and ink and ribbons and eyelets and brads and, well, you get the idea.

Unfortunately, I think many of us have felt we possessed not one creative bone in our bodies. I believe most of us learn from an early age to conform to what our parents, teachers, and those in authority want or expect of us (disclaimer: I realize this is not a true statement for ALL parents and teachers, so please do not take offense to what is merely my opinion) and, for me, I believe that squelched any creativity I may have possessed at a young age because I was always the conformist! LOL! I hope I will serve as a source of encouragement to any of you who have felt the same way as I did to branch out and discover your creative side. We all possess it!

I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for cardmaking with you and hoping to be inspired by you as well. So, with that said, I'm so glad you stopped by. Why not grab a cuppa joe or tea, kick off your shoes, and come chat with me? I'd love to hear from you!