Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Penguin Diva

I received this [early] birthday card from one of my co-workers last week. This penguin diva is so me!!! I've decided this is what Bertie would look like in real life. Is she a fashion icon or what?!?!?


Cook22 said...

LOL. Aren't the red shoes perfect - don't think you could swim far in those shoes, Bertie. They don't exactly look like whatever the swimming equivalent of areodynamic is.

jdmommy said...


Traci M said...

I don't see any pants on this penguin so it is hard to tell how well she resembles Bertie...but oh my, what a hysterical card and laugh this gave me!!
Happy Early Birthday, Charlene!!
HOpe this is a few days of fun for you!!

Mothermark said...

Hey, turn around! Let's see that Big Butt, Big Butt Bertie!


I think that nic name just about covers it, don't ya think!

I agree! This is so you!

Big Butt Bertie is getting some Fluffer Scuffers!

Mothermark said...

Bertie! You are such an instigator! Gertie is driving me nuts after seeing this! Now she wants her picture on my blog!

Bertie got her picture on Charlene's Blog! Bertie got her picture on Charlene's Blog! Bertie got her picture on Charlene's Blog......

Oh M!G! We have have got to separate Bertie and Gertie some how! Any idears???

redwasher1 said...

That is a cool card!!

Joanne (jojot) said...

ah....so now I know that when I meet you for the first time YOU will be the one in the RED shoes.....lol.....now I know how you got that other knickname...BBB!!!