Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s….

Bionic Burdie!!

I like to introduce you to Bionic Burdie, cousin of Big Butt Bertie. Bionic Burdie has one screw loose (do you see it there laying at her feet?), but she is still very strong and is helping out da Muddermark and da other tea partiers, all of whom are on their way to da North Pole. Actually, don't tell them I said so, but I think there are a few of the other tea partiers who might have a screw loose, too, but they are so FUN to hang out with!

Anyway, back to the mission at hand: to help Santa with his sleigh problems this year. Word is that Santa hasn’t kept up with today’s technology and his flight controls have gone bonkers.

The tea partiers even get to name the new team pulling the sleigh this year. Bionic Burdie has hired her team of bionic buddies to help pull the sleigh. Only they aren’t reindeer; they are some of her most famous friends. You might recognize a few of their names:

Memphis, Norma Jean, Mumble, Gloria, Miss Viola, Lovelace, and Seymour

Mrs. Claus is servin’ up frosted sugar cookies, fudge, divinity, and peanut brittle to da tea partiers. However, Bionic Burdie also asked her to include some of them delicacies called silver fishies since she’s tryin’ to lose a few pounds around her waistline, and her bionic friends would much prefer the silver fishies over all the sugar. Once they have had their fill, they've been known to fling a few. Nuttin' like gittin' smacked in the head with slimy shiny silvery fishies! Woo-hoo!!!

Here’s a link to da Muddermark's glob with all the details for participating in today's All Shiny, All Spiffy, We'll be There in a Jiffy tea party, as well as the inspiration teapot. Ya gotta love those shiny silver items.

How Bionic Burdie Came to Life

brushed silver cardstock
Sizzix penguin die
shiny silver metallic paper
Cuttlebug dotted swiss embossing folder
Cuttlebug mosaic tile embossing folder
silver hodgepodge hardware
silver cord
1 3/8" circle punch
1/2" circle punch (to make faux screws)
3/4" circle punch
unknown alphabet stamps for "noel"
snowflakes stamped and embossed with iridescent ice (snowflake stamp from Gina K.'s The Magic of Christmas stamp set

Have a wonderful, shiny day! Thanks for stopping by!


Cindy Haffner said...

Hee hee cute card

jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

Yeah, I think I know one or two partiers who have a screw loose!! One of them loves RED and one loves purple. Hmmmmm...... I love your bionic penguin!! And her friends!! Fun card, Charlene!!

Stef H said...

too funny and too cute! all those goodies sound yummy too! super card!


Tosha Leyendekker said...

Too, too fun Bert!! LOVE your penguins textured belly, and the silver bg!! So creative my nutty friend!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

With names like Bionic Burdie and Big Butt Bertie, Santa will be flying high in his sled! What fun!!

Stacy Morgan said...

LOL Oh how cute and fun is this... great job Charlene.

Mothermark said...

Okay, so I woulda been here earlier, but I slipped on some silver, slimy, skinny, scaley fishies, knocked over a big pile of presents waiting to be loaded in a flying machine, which in turned went flying un-manned into the sky when a big polka dotted bow on a package snagged the throttle (that present was to be delivered to my house). We have spent the last 8 hours conversing with the FAA and local authorities on what to do!

I came here with an investigator. It seems the investigation starts with the slimy silvery fish and how they ended up at the North Pole. Bertie, Burdie, and Charlene, meet Inspector Clouseu.

Darn it, where did he go....omg! He feel down that icey crevice! Bertie, did you push him?????

I knew you would pick up on my bionic penquin subliminal message! Giggle!