Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fast and the Furriest!!

My furry friends are off to the fast and furriest canine street race at the Raleigh Drift in Raleigh, NC today.

Da Mudder has asked all the tea partiers to bring dogs to the tea party today. She specifically requested “…racing dogs, spectator dogs, mechanic dogs, dogs on a news crew, dogs in a pit crew. We need dogs that can drive, dogs that high five, dogs that love bones, dogs with cell phones! We need dogs to keep score, dogs to sweep the floor. We need dogs that are nurses, we need dogs who sell purses. We need dogs that are sweet, we need dogs that can tweet! We need dogs to write a book, we need dogs that can cook! We need a dog for the head of promotion, and a dog to control all of the commotion! We need big dogs on the porch, we need dogs who can carry a torch! We need a dog that can howl and one that chases fowl! We need dogs that can bark and dogs in the dark. But most of all, we need dogs that are furry, dogs in a hurry, dogs that are fast, dogs who will last! Dogs that are The Fast and Furriest!”

These fellers heard there was a long, long, LOOOOONG waiting line at the local potty tree, so they thought they’d better bring their own fire hydrant to help out for when duty calls. I mean, did you see that line of pooches waiting in line to pee at the tree?!?!? You just know we’re gonna have at least one or two of these pooches with bladder problems and the mayor of Raleigh doesn’t want them peeing just anywhere. So, all you pooches who need to potty, feel free to lift a leg in the back of the hydrant when duty calls.

Today’s Destination Station is to zgirlsgranny’s life-long friend, Rachel, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Rachel loves dogs and recently had to give up her beloved Sheltie because of her illness. If you’d like to participate in today’s challenge and/or send your card to Rachel to offer her encouragement and support, you can get all the details in the Teapot Tuesday forum here.

My pooches were colored with Copic markers and cut out.  The two outer dogs are popped up on dimensionals.  My fire hydrant was made using the small oval punch, corner rounder, 3/4" circle punch, and half of a large oval cut from my Coluzzle.  The cardstock is Ruby Red and the edges were sponged in Cherry Cobbler.  I saw this on Lauren Meader's blog eons ago and had printed out her instructions to use one day.  Today is that day! 


redwasher1 said...

WOW! This is over the top cute!!!!!!!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

hehe! Fantabulous, Charlene!

Traci M said...

Well, you are one smart canine lover to think to copy the instructions and be able to find them later...did you have a hound dog sniff them out??
Charlene, this is sooo cute...love the doggies at the hydrant...great encouragement card sure to give a big grin!!

Julia Aston said...

This is just TOO cute Charlene! I want these puppies! they are such a rag tag bunch! Such a fun shaped card - I think I printed Lauren's instructions when she posted it - but I must have 'missplaced' it!! thanks for linking!

Joanne (jojot) said...

you really did outdo even yourself, Co-Reigning Queen of Papercrafting.....this just melts my heart with all these little pooches...their 'job' will never be done with a hydrant of this size....simply, a delight for all dog lovers....tfs your talent AND your friendship

Mothermark said...

If I was a dog I would really, really, really wanna pee on this!!!

Yah, its that good!