Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Collectibles and a Shy Bunny

What a fun, fun Sunday this has been! My friend, Lynn, and I met early for a nutritious breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns with onions, and coffee this morning. Num-num!!! We needed to fuel ourselves for a fun trip to our local art festival. There were so many awesome artists there; how I envy them their talent and skill. The weather today has been like a hot summer day, so about halfway through, we needed to replenish our bodies with liquid refreshment from the local Starbucks where we greedily sucked down our iced raspberry chocolate lattes!!! And then we were onto our second round of shopping and spending money! Actually, I was pretty good and didn't spend "too" much dinero, but I did find a really cool summer purse, a floral arrangement, some mystery books written by a Michigan author, and this cool man-tool called the Fire Claw for my hubby. I like finding items for my hard-to-buy-for hubby. This Fire Claw gadget will come in really handy when we have our bonfires, and I won't have to worry about him burning himself when he's putting new logs onto the fire or moving the existing ones around.

Okay. The next fun thing is this video clip I had my hubby put together for me. Lynn loves to garage sale, and she has found some of the coolest m&m collectibles for me. Two of the most recent acquisitions are this telephone and radio which really work!!!! Check out this clip:

Are they not the coolest? They just make me giggle! Thanks for lookin' out for me, Lynn! You're the bestest!

After Lynn and I traipsed around the art festival, I came home and took some time to make a card in honor of the featured stamper on SCS, Nikki. I chose Nikki's cute Changito Paula Deen card.

Of course, we are required to change two or more items when we case the featured stamper. I changed stamps, colors, and embellishments. I colored my bunny image with Copic markers. After I got the image all colored, I happened to notice that I smeared blank ink up at the top (grrrrr!!!) My friend and SU demo, Barb, is famous for saying "for every mistake, there is an opportunity." Well, she is right. So, thinking about Barb's words of wisdom, I thought "what opportunity is there here for me to make this work?" Puffy clouds!!!! Yeah, man! I got out the trusty dusty liquid applique and made puffy clouds to cover my mistake. Problem solved!

Didja check out that cute mini-sized pink clothes pin and the pom pom bunny butt? It's little (fun) items like these that just tickle me pink!

Well, I better sign off. Sweet hubby is cooking dinner tonight and the smells are wafting all the way to my stamp room, beckoning me to the kitchen. See me smiling? I am so blessed with a great husband and great friends and being able to do the things I love to do (hanging out with friends, family, and stamping, to name a few). I hope you are having a great Sunday, and I wish many blessings for you, too! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today!

Hugs, snugs, snorts, and giggles!


Tosha Leyendekker said...

Oh...to live where all the most fabulous art festivals are!! I'm so envious Bert!! And then to see this sweet little card...you're awesome!! Glad you had such a fantastic day!!

Lorraine said...

Oooh, lucky you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and you topped it all off with such a pretty card.

Joanne (jojot) said...

how fun to come online and find your newsy post....so happy you had a great day with Lynn....and wow....what fab M & M stuff she has found for you...and what a smart hubby you have...so techno-smart......AND then there is YOU....such a clever person to find a silver (or white) lining in your smudge.....this is an adorable card.....

enjoy the last of your weekend, cutie.....


Cook22 said...

I'll try to remember to check out that video when I am home with a faster computer and more than bare-minimum broadband. Nobody would ever know those clouds were a rescue job - with the pink bunny tail they add a great amount of texture. Mystery books and a guy-gadget - sounds like a very successful trip. It certainly gets harder and harder to find things for husbands/fathers as the years go by.

Traci M said...

Love your puffy clouds, my SU demo always says the same thing, mostly to me, I am usually singled out as I make the most mistakes...errr...I mean, opportunities!!
Your day sounds like a blast, and how fun to spend it with a good friend! And Lynn did find you some really cool goodies that made me smile!
Cute card, thanks for sharing your day, Charlene!

Joan Ervin said...

I can't believe you didn't invite me to go along..jezzzzz!!!! Oh well....I'll just have to live vicariously through you, gf!!! Sounds like the art festival was a blast amd I just love the M&M goodies ...sooo fun!!!!!! I love your sweet card, too....I gotta tell ya, though...I have been wondering all day what is under the bunny tail...snort!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover...................................................

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well i definitely need your email.

those are fabulous finds!!!! and sounds like you had an even more fabulous time!!! way to go.

your card is, as always, GORGEOUS!

and what's even more gorgeous????? is my BIRTHDAY CARD!!! thank you so, so much for thinking of me. now when's yours? i'd love to reciprocate! heck, i'd just love to have it anyway!

thank you for making my birthday special.

hugs :)

AMIT said...

Your card is really good.

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