Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Abner the Abominable!!!

Alright, all you Olympians....have you seen today's SCS color challenge? Betty and Leisa have come up with a fabulous Olympic theme; you can even do up to FIVE colors for those of you who are over achievers! Giggle.

I'm no Olympian when it comes to doing that many colors, nor can I be accused of being an over achiever, so I went for the silver medal by using the Brilliant Blue and Brocade Blue colors from the Olympic colors---with a hint of silver matting---for my Olympic trees (trees courtesy of Rubbernecker in the Kittie Kits Cause a Scene set). After I stamped them, I covered them in clear embossing powder to bring out the richness in their color.

Now, there's another side to this story, see. Da Muddermark (aka Mothermark) has her Teapot Tuesday challenge up, too, you see and it seems Abner, the Abominable Snowman is desperately in need of a splash of color in his life. He is sick of white, white, white. You can get the full story on da Mudder's blog.

Now, da Mudder didn't want us to overwhelm Abner with too much color nor were we to put snowflakes, divinity, or vanilla milkshakes on our card, but Bertie convinced me that a few snowflakes were needed in the background for my Olympic theme. You see, the tea partiers are getting free snowboarding lessons today, so I definitely want us to have some snow to board on! Yeah! Hang ten, dude....oh, wait, that's surfer talk.

Okay, so if you're still with me in this story, the other reason that Bertie wanted me to add the snowflakes is cuz she was traumatized as a child when she first watched Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer and that skeery ol' Abominable Snowman came on the television screen. Bertie figures he needs some niceness knocked into that thick, furry skull of his. When ol' Abner sees these snowflakes while learning to do the Loopy de Loop in his snowboarding lessons, she says he's sure to get real mad, flub up on his Loopy de Loop technique, and fly right into these blue Olympian trees. She says it serves him right for skeering all the little kiddies in the world with his meanness. But, more importantly, mebbe it'll knock some niceness into him
So anyway, why not come along and join all the colorers and tea partiers in these challenges today? I'm sure there'll be about 42,000 of us having a great deal of fun!

Be there or be square!


Charlene said...

Stunning, simply stunning! Olympic rings, snowflakes, that awesome sky (how'd you do dat?) and the cool blue..Abner is sure to in snow bliss.

chercroppin said...

WOWZA Charlene!! This is truly amazing hun...so very pretty...love the mono/blue! Beautiful scene here and great embossing too : )

Pat (mspfd) said...

What a gorgeous card! This is amazing, Charlene. Your scene is breathtaking. Love the blues.

Julia Aston said...

This looks like a beautiful Delft tile Charlene!- love those trees and the wonderful embossed bg!

Joan Ervin said...

Mighty purty, missy.....just the right amount of color to dazzle old Abner!!! Love your trees and beautiful colors....I went for the silver medal, too!! Just think...we could be standing up there on the podium accepting for the good ol USA...gives me goose bumps!! We will havta petition for a "stamp flingin catagory"...whoohoo!!!

Lynnor Goodwin said...

Gorgeous!!! Abominable was always my favorite from the Rudolf movie! What a great little home you have made for him here! I'm sure he will love it among all these beautiful blue trees!!!

Francie G. said...

Gorgeous, Charlene!

Mothermark said...

Hey Bertie.....if you were so skeered, how come you showed up looking for cherries? Just want you to know.....Gertie has your number!!!

Hey, that was a nasty crash you took.....you gonna make it to work today?

Thanks for providing the sample card! It absolutely rocks!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is gorgeous!! I love the blue and that scene is incredible.It certainly reminds me of delft. I collect it...my heritage is Dutch and my grandparents started my collection. The embossing is stunning! I love your story...you crack me up!! Thanks for the smile!!

Traci M said...

I love Bertie...she is the funniest!! But this card is anything but funny, it is etheral, dreamy, and reminds me of Steamboat some evenings, just gorgeous!! I like the idea of coloring the trees in blues, too!
Glad you had a snow day,I hope you get another one soon! hugs!